In order for us to understand your needs and able to offer a fair price, We would like some of your time to fill out the initial requirements. The company will contact you within 24 hours.

Information needed for quotation

1. Pattern of plastic bag

You can see different pattern of plastic bag below.

2. Products packed (Type and weight)

For us to be able to advise on packaging, we need to know your products and weight or other special requirement if any

3. Color of the bag

If you would your bags to have backgroud color, please let us know

4. Dimension ( width x height x thickness)

The dimension of the bags should be estimated on products and its weight. You can leave blank on thickness, we can advice on that

5. Order amount (Kilogram)

Normally our minimum order requirement is 120 kg. The same as other business, our price will vary according to order amount.

6. Number of printing color

Number of printing color will be related to price per kg.

    1. Plastic Bag category

    2. Product packed inside the bag (Type and weight)

    3. Color of the bag

    4. Dimension ( width x height x depth)

    5. Purchase amount (Kilogram)

    6. Amount of color to print

    Information for contacting back to bid


    Phone Number

    Company Name



    Contact us via Line: @thaivikrom

    Thaivikrom Line Official