Thaivikrom are manufacturer of plastic bag including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, and OPP. We always use grade A raw materials (food grade) throughout production process which are safe for end customer. In order for you to see our products, we have divided the products into 4 groups according to the usage characteristics.

Carrier Bags

Carrier Bag or T-shirt bag are quite popular among shops and department stores. They mostly print the bag to make it memorable to customer. The types of plastic bags will depend on customer requirement such as HDPE which gives plastic bags a strong characteristic.

Containing Bags

Containing Bags will directly touch with food e.g. bakery bags, veggie and fruit bags etc. As a result, the raw materials which use in production should be food grade (no harm to human body)

Industrial Bags

Industrial bags are used either in production process or in delivery to end customer. For example in garment, hotel, and manufacturing industry.

Other Containing Bags

Apart from abovementioned, we also have other plastic packaging such as document bags, ziploc bags, etc